Red Bull Application – How to Apply to Become a Red Bull Girl

What Does Red Bull Taste Like Energy Drink has hired thousands of girls around the world to drive around in mini coopers to promote their popular energy drink. Working for Red Bull as a Wiiings team member is a dream come true to a lot of your aspiring models.

Every girl that sees a Wiiings team member drive around in the mini cooper or hanging out at moto cross events teasing and flirting with guys can wait to do what they do.

If you want to increase your chances of becoming a promotional model for Red Bull, you need to learn how to market yourself as the perfect candidate as you would for any other job.

They are looking for girls that embody what their company is all about and that is a passion for fun, adventure, energetic life style and willing to push the limits..

Don’t get it twisted, they are in business to make sales. They need as many consumers drinking their product as possible. They have a lot of competition with Monster, Rockstar and hundreds of other energy related beverages.

1.) Why Red Bull?

This is your most critical moment… this will determine if they keep your resume or trash it. You have to show that you love their product. You should never promote a product you don’t like for the money because it will show.

2.) Why you? Tell us about your past accomplishments that prove you’re a girl that knows how to get things done… Describe times you’ve shown personal initiative, events you’ve created, organizations and clubs you’ve helped lead, or any thing else you’d like to brag about.

3.) Red Bull Energy Drink vitalizes Body and Mind. If you had just one can of Red Bull Energy Drink to give away, what would you do with it? They want to see that you are creative. They like to hire creative girls. You are going to be responsible for creating missions so you need to show that you can be creative with just one can of Red Bull.

4.) What are your interests and activities outside of school? Red Bull is looking for girls that are leaders and influencers. They are not looking to hire boring girls that do not like socializing with others. You need to show that you are involved with fun activities in your community.

5.) How would your family and friends describe you? Remember the qualities that they are looking for. You have to list the qualities but word it in a way that you do not sound like every other girl that is applying. I personally get sick of seeing a list of features such as outgoing, energetic, great with others..blah..blah..blah. Be Creative because you are competing against thousands of other girls. Stand out and make them want to call you for an interview.

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