How to Remove Fake Antivirus

Have you ever been intimidated by a “scanning window” that performs an automatic PC scan fake driver license and reports that your PC has been infected with virus? When you are browsing, suddenly your browser turns into an antivirus application and scans your system for no reason. Now you are asked to download an antivirus software to clean up your PC. Millions of unsuspecting internet users ultimately download the fake antivirus and get their PCs infected.

From now on, you can’t open your favorite applications, you are forbidden from opening any of the basic system tools like Task Manager, Registry Editor and so on. You can’t even access internet. Above all, you are constantly bombarded with pop ups saying your PC is infected with malware and to remove them, you need to purchase a license for the “antivirus”.

In reality, your PC has already been infected with a malware and it the malware that’s blocking access to the installed applications and trying to scam you. No legitimate antivirus will keep on showing up pop ups if it detects a virus. It will either delete it or ask you to clean it right away.

You should also be wary of fakes in the disguise of popular security solutions. I have seen fake Bitdefender antivirus, ESET Smart Security etc. If you want to download an antivirus, do it from the manufacturer’s website

Be aware of the scammers who try to intimidate you into paying for a fake application. If you suspect your PC is infected with fake antivirus, reboot your PC in Safe Mode with Networking. Download Malwarebytes’ Antimalware and install it. Perform a full scan and remove all the threats. Reboot your PC normally and you will see that the fake antivirus has been removed. I have also used Superantispyware to remove these types of rogue applications.

It’s always a good practice to install a second security software, apart from your regular antivirus, and always keep it updated If your primary antivirus has failed to remove these fake security applications. Since the free versions of Malwaerbytes’ Antimalware and Superantivirus lack real-time protection, they can’t prevent your PC from getting infected with fake antivirus, but in case of an infection, you can simply restart in Safe Mode and clean your PC of it.

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