Victims of Paid Survey Online Scam – 3 Vital Steps to Seek Compensation

Oh no! After days of contacting get scam refund customer service to no avail and scanning through reports of watchdog organizations, you are finally convinced that you have become an unfortunate victim of a paid survey online scam. You feel angry and frustrated, having spent countless hours filling paid internet surveys in vain. You feel like giving the scam artist a kick in his bottom, having fallen into his devious trap despite your best efforts to steer clear of them. What do you do now? Give up?

Move on to your daily 9 to 5 job? This article gives such victims 3 important steps to increase their chances of compensation should they fall into an online survey scam.1. Gather Evidence – Probably the last thing on your mind now, having conned by the scam artist. But being emotional will not solve problems. Remain calm and cool as you gather concrete proof that you were a victim of an online surveys scam.

These include your “approved” earnings in the survey website, the number of surveys and their promised rewards you completed, the Terms of Service written on their website and any “Money Back” guarantees. Be sure to read any fine print on the site involved as well as some con artists write that to protect themselves legally. When you are confident you have solid information that you have been scammed, it’s time to do the next thing to get your money back.

2. Contact Support Staff – And request politely for your refund. If customer service give you evasive responses or avoid replying to you, warn them that you will report the matter to the relevant authorities. Confront the president of the survey website, if possible, and explain the matter to him/her. If you don’t receive a satisfactory response, proceed to step 3.

3. Lodge Complaints at Relevant Authorities – Remember the time the survey site pressured you into signing up their service by their hard-sell tactics? Now’s time to give it back to them – all in one piece. File a complaint at Better Business Bureau. Seek redress at your local attorney general. Report your case to the local consumer affairs agency. Contact the advertising manager of the publication that showcased the ad you answered.

If no redress was given, don’t let the scam artist off the hook that easily. Spread the warning in relevant scam forums like and Alert any eager opportunists of this online survey scam in suitable job employment forums such as Finally, do yourself a favour and move on. You have done your best. Why allow that thief to further ruin your day?

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