Price trend of Residential Apartments in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the fastest developing city in India and is also a wonderful investment centre. There a number of facets that makes this city a realty hot spot. Some of them include burgeoning growth and good connectivity. The average cost of investing has increased due to the increase in the rate of interests. The recent trend in the property prices of Gurgaon has revealed an upsurge in the housing property prices. Since the slump that was seen in the property market in the last 2-3 years the rates of the property in this area have undergone a decreasing top Boca Raton architects. But now this slouch has shown the signs of narrowing down and so the real estate business is back in the pillion. The average rates prevailing in all the major centers of this city are such as: DLF (Phase V),Price trend of Residential Apartments in Gurgaon Articles apartment’s costs Rs.2500- 7000/sq feet, plots costs Rs. 50000-65000 and builder flats costs Rs.6500-7500. These estimates were about 5-10% less around 6 months earlier. In South city, rates of apartments are from Rs. 3200- 8000/ Sq feet, plots rate is Rs 10000- 25000 and builder flat rates are Rs.3000-5000. This cost trend was 10% less around 6 months earlier.

The higher trend of the residential realty in this territory could be evidenced further by an evaluation of the average rates prevailing in other eminent locations of this metro centre. In the III Sushant Lok, the average prices of the readymade apartments is from 2000-3500, plots is 25000-55000 and builder flats is 2800-5000. Approximately one year back from now these assets were available to the masses at around 10%- 15% less than the present prices. Additionally, on the location of Sohna road, apartments are 2000- 3500, plots 20000-40000 and builder flats 3200- 4000. During the last year in December, these primers were available to the people at 8%- 15% less than the present figures. Moreover in Huda 2 location, apartment average prices are Rs. 3000-6000, plots is Rs. 20000-40000 and builder flats is Rs. 2500-4000.

As aforesaid the latest housing primer prices depict an up going trend. Prices as well as rental rates also reveal upward trend now. In the phase V DLF, apartments measure around 2000-25000 sq ft have an average rental price of Rs.25000- 65000/ month and that of builder floors is Rs 17000-25000. In South City locality, the rent is around 10000-25000. The identical form of land in the locality of Sohna Road has rent starting from Rs. 13000-18000 and Rs. 1000-17000 respectively. These estimates were around 10%-15% less around one year earlier. Besides the waning consequence of the slouch, the latest sophistication in the transportation and infrastructure has added a dimension to the realty appreciation in this particular stretch. The real estate in this region has gained prominence because of the booming ITES/IT sectors. These factors have brought a sudden upward trend in the demand of the residential as well as the commercial land here. One can find by means of online comparative primer charts all about the prices in the locality in this place.

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