How To Make Money Without Having A Job

Many of the leading economists agree that in the next five to ten years we will lose about 50% of our jobs. They are saying we will simply have half the jobs we do now due to automation, robotics, policy changes and مكن عد النقود. Of the remaining jobs about 50% will be new jobs we don’t currently have. These jobs will be created by new technology, new trends and new ideas.

Just think, we hardly had social media ten years ago and now we have social media directors, social media marketers, social media liaisons and much more. This isn’t just an isolated example, technology and change has brought us many of the jobs that are in demand now and many of those jobs didn’t exist ten or even five years ago. With all of this in mind it just might be time for you to figure out how to make money without a traditional job.

First, let me remind you that the title of this article is “How To Make Money Without Having A Job” and not “How To Make Money Without Working.” Now let’s get started and get to work. In this short article you are going to have to work with me on this, I can’t make the transitions from point to point perfectly smooth.

Money is made by exchange, someone has the money and the other party has something they can exchange for the money, a tangible thing like a car or an intangible thing like a service, perhaps tutoring or mowing the yard. If the person with the money wants the product or service the other party has and they can agree on the price and terms the exchange is made. The person receiving the money got it by exchange.

When we think of making money people traditionally link making money to having a job. Certainly for the last century, even longer in some parts of the world, the way most people made exchanges for money was through a job, they worked for someone else. Isn’t it interesting how we say that? They worked for someone else. Shouldn’t you be working for you?

So for the last century or more people have commonly worked for someone else as a way to make an exchange for money. They exchanged what they could do for money. Maybe they drove a truck or flipped a hamburger, maybe they typed in a secretarial pool or they sold merchandise in a store. Whatever they did they exchanged what they could do for money in someone else’s money machine.

Not only can you do what you are doing for others you can do it for yourself. Flip a hamburger in a job for money in someone else’s restaurant and money machine? You could be flipping that hamburger in your own restaurant and money machine. Drive a truck for a trucking company? You could be driving a truck in your own money machine. Don’t let the phrase money machine throw you, we also call it a business.

People break out in a sweat when I mention starting a business, but actually they already have done just that. General Motors has income and expenses. Walmart has income and expenses. You have income and expenses. Congratulations! You are in business, in fact you are a business. If you haven’t looked at things that way or managed your life that way it could explain why you aren’t making a lot of financial headway.

If you have a job who makes the decisions about what you do and how much money you make? I am betting it is the person that knows they are in business. You may have a boss or a manager above you, but the business owner sets the policies and hires the managers.

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