6 Backyard BBQ and Beer Pairings

Want to throw outdoor barbecue parties in your backyard? These beers pair up best with grilled foods like steak,6 Backyard BBQ and Beer Pairings Articles buy pappy van winkle, lamb and much more. Explore the bbq beer pairings and enhance your enjoyment for your next outdoor BBQ party.
As compared to the other meats, chicken do have a mild flavor. Pairing it with assertive beer will overpower it. Amber brown lager or rauchbier goes best with grilled chicken.

If grilled chicken is loaded with spices, lemon and herbs – blonde bière de garde is the best beer with heavy maltiness.For much spicer cooking’s, pair it with little malt sweetness. Helles Lager is good option offers a grainy, honey like malt flavor and cools off all the heat.

Pairing grilled seafood with chilled beer is a great idea considering pilsner and lager beer are the best options having lower IBU.

A pilsner balances sweet seafood and oiliness on your palate. Pick up a pale ale while grilling salmon. The malt of pale ale stands high to the texture and cuts all the salmon’s fat content.

While barbecuing, if you pick up some veggies – red peppers or corn. Grilled veggies might not have aggressive flavors as meat.

While you fire up grill for veggies it has some earthy taste; so hefty beer can complement them

Explore brown porter which complements sweet flavor of veggies and offset the char taste of grill. Avoid stouts which brings bitter aftertaste from veggies.

A perfect grilled steak seasoned with pepper and salt. Finding a beer to match it’s characteristics – Porter or Stout with 5-7% ABV range is a good match. Steak is full of umami and fat with goes ideal with roasty bitterness in dark malt beer.

Light brown ale gives a matching flavor to lean grilled steak.

Match your grilled pork with wide variety of beer.

If sticking to less saucy pork; go for Hefeweizens something sweet and will not overpower delicate flavor.

While churning Smokey molasses on grill, Serve your guest with a sweet and dry stout.

We don’t need to tell you strong ale or porter will be best for lamb’s rich flavor. Light beers may overwhelm the intense flavor.

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